My Gua Sha Story

You are more beautiful than you think. Years are not forgiving. Have you lost years? Even if the years are unkind to you, love yourself. A woman who loves life never stops pursuing beauty. A woman should dress and behave in a way that she’s able to respect herself and be respectful to others.  

How to Use Jade Gua Sha Roller For Facial Massage

How To Use Jade Gua Sha Scraping /Board Tool For Facial Mass

How to Use Jade Gua Sha Pressure Point Tool For Facial Massage

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Longevity Exercise, Stomach Warm Up Exercise

Perform this warm up exercise first before practising other workouts.  It will train your body for more vigorous activity by increasing blood flow to your joints and your muscles which will prevent joint and muscle damage and injury.

Longevity Pinwheel Arm Exercise

The Pinwheel Arm Exercise was developed in part from the ancient Chinese Shaolin Temple, Dharma Yijin and has become a very popular way to promote blood circulation and mobility in the arms. The movement is a simple front to back arm circle in which each arm is moving in the opposite direction. This motion helps to clear several meridians in the hands and creates a heart-enveloping effect which can replace heart-enveloping massage.