Food Wellness 

The five grains refer to five types of grain. Some say it refers to rice, broomcorn, foxtail millet, wheat, and soybean, and some say it refers to sesame, broomcorn, foxtail millet, and soybean.Read more

Your Spring Wellness Guide

Spring is the season when all things are enjoying their youth. The entire Mother nature presents an atmosphere of new life. At this time, in particular, the “Yin Qi” gradually recedes, and the “Yang Qi” is still at its infancy Read more

Your 24-Hour Wellness Guide

The “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” believes that a person’s qi, which is a vital force forming part of any living entity or simply known as “the life force”, as well as a person’s xue (blood) are different Read more

Best Gift For Women 2019

The holiday season is right around the corner. It may even have already started at the moment you’re reading this. Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or birthday parties, the tradition of exchanging gifts can be extremely exciting Read more

Benefits Of Jade To Your Skin And Health

If you are into the world of beauty and you get your regular updates on latest beauty trends, then you must have heard about Jade rollers and the wonders they do to one’s skin.Yet, Jade rollers are not necessarily new Read more

Journey of Gua Sha & Jade Roller

The origins of the jade beauty roller lie in Chinese history.These beautiful tools were once used by the elite to keep skin beautiful and women ageless. Known as the “Stone of Heaven”, jade was and still is a sought after cool Read more

The Benefits of Jade Roller

While jade rollers may seem like the hottest new beauty trend, their benefits are far from social media hype. Beautiful to look at, and perfect for a like able Instagram post, jade rolling is a centuries old beauty treatment with proven Read more

Jade Roller Facial Treatment Work

The jade roller is a beauty tool made of authentic and beautiful jade stone which is rolled across the skin for complexion-perfecting purposes.Just like working out, jade rolling can offer esthetic and health benefits. Jade rolling feels like a Read more