The Human Body Relies on The Five Grains for Nourishment.

The five grains refer to five types of grain. Some say it refers to rice, broomcorn, foxtail millet, wheat, and soybean, and some say it refers to sesame, broomcorn, foxtail millet, and soybean.

In the Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor, the five grains refer to wheat, broomcorn, foxtail millet, rice, and beans.

According to the five-agents doctrine, the five grains correspond to the five internal organs: wheat corresponds to the liver, broomcorn corresponds to the heart, foxtail millet corresponds to the spleen, rice corresponds to the lungs, and beans correspond to the kidneys.

The Flavors of The Five Grains

Among the five grains, japonica rice is sweet, sesame is sour, soybean is salty, wheat is bitter and yellow rice is spicy. Among the five fruits, the dates are sweet, the plums are sour, the chestnuts are salty, the apricots are bitter, and the peaches are spicy.

Among the five animals, beef is sweet, dog meat is sour, pork is salty, lamb is bitter, and chicken is spicy. Among the five vegetables, the sunflower is sweet, the leek is sour, bean leaves are salty, Chinese onion is bitter, and green onion is spicy.

After a person is born, the five grains enter the stomach, digest subtly and nourish the whole body, which will connect the entire pulse circulation of the body.

From then on, vigor can run continuously in the veins, support the whole body, and sustain life. The six Qi of the essence, Qi, saliva, fluid, blood, and pulse are all metamorphosed from the five grains. People rely on the clean air of the sky and the five grains on the ground to survive, living by the four seasons, yin and yang, cold and heat, moving and living with an order.

The role of the five grains in The Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor has been recognized as using poison to attack evil spirits, the five grains as nourishment, the five fruits as supplements, the five animal types of meat as consumptions, and five vegetables as replenishments.

Using the smell of grains, meat, fruits and vegetables to adjust a diet can nourish the essence. The explanations of the principles to be followed when taking medicine stated, when the disease is eliminated to nine-tenths, the medicine should be discontinued, and the remaining unresolved diseases should be treated with grains, meat, fruits, vegetables, and other food.

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