Spring Wellness:

Nourishing Liver and Protecting The “Yang”


Spring is the season when all things are enjoying their youth. The entire Mother nature presents an atmosphere of new life. At this time, in particular, the “Yin Qi” gradually recedes, and the “Yang Qi” is still at its infancy, therefore for health preservation, attention needs to be paid for the cultivation of “Yang”. As the wind evil can easily harm the “Yang Qi” in the body, it is necessary to prevent wind evil.

Nourishing Liver, Protecting Liver and Yang Qi

Based on the theory of Su Wen. Cang Qi Fa Shi Lun, it is pointed out: “The liver is connected to spring … the liver is bitter, ease it with sweetness, … if the liver is scattered, supplement it with spiciness, while sour causes diarrhea.”

It means that in the relationship between the five internal organs and the five flavors, when the sour taste enters the liver and has convergence properties, which is not conducive to the development of Yang Qi and the drainage of liver Qi, adjustment of the diet must be good for the organs; for going against nature causes suffering, and chasing away from nature causes desire.

 People who consciously take care of their organs will receive nourishment. People who consciously ruin their organs will receive diseases. Once this relationship is known, you can purposefully choose herbs and foods that protect and nourish the liver and treat your Qi.

 Spring Is the Best Time for Exercise:

Spring is the best time for exercise. In the cold winter, people’s activities are mainly confined indoors, hence, the functions of viscera and organs are all declined in varying degrees.

 In the spring, when the climate gets warmer, the “Yang Qi” in the human body which has been confined for the entire winter season should move with the trend of spring following the growing spring sun, moving outwards interacting with the “Qi” of heaven and the earth. 

This is the time we should take part in more outdoor exercises to stretch and relax our limbs and to exercise our muscles and bones. At the same time, medical research has proven that

physical exercise in spring, a season of disease, can enhance the immunity of the human body and therefore, less prone to getting sick. So, it is important to do an appropriate amount of exercise in spring. This way, the closed body can fully enjoy the vitality of nature, filling with it.

Protecting the Yang Through Keeping Warm and Sleeping Well

In spring, one should not be eager to take off the cotton-padded clothes, clothing should be “bottom thick and top thin.”. In daily life, you should sleep at night and get up early, avoid wearing hats, wear comfortable clothes and loose belts, stretch your body, take part in more outdoor activities, overcome the state of tiredness and sleepiness, let your spirit and emotions adapt to nature, strive for physical and mental harmony and be full of energy.

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