Your 24-Hour Wellness Guide

The “Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon” believes that a person’s qi, which is a vital force forming part of any living entity or simply known as “the life force”, as well as a person’s xue (blood) are different, and they change throughout the day.

This change is due to Yin and Yang, which is a philosophy that says that the universe is composed of competing and complementary forces of dark and light, sun and moon, male and female. Plus, it is believed that there are 12 standard meridians for each person; and the energy flow of these meridians is based on a daily regular cycle.

Simply, the meridians lines are the energy network of the body; the lines are the channels by which our energy flows, therefore; transporting the energy throughout the body.

Accordingly, your own wellness will be affected by time, since your energy does. Thus, for a better wellness and health, you should keep an eye on the time you practice your activities. As mentioned before, the human body has 12 standard meridians and these meridians follow a certain cycle. The time flow of each meridian is as follows:


Yin (3:00-5:00) – the blood flows to the lung meridian

Mao (5:00-7:00) – blood flows to the large intestine meridian

Chen (7:00-9:00) – blood flows to the stomach meridian

Si (9:00-11:00) – blood flows to the spleen meridian

Wu (11:00-13:00) – blood flows to the heart meridian

Wei (13:00-15:00) – blood flows to the small intestine meridian

Shen (15:00-17:00) – blood flows to urinary bladder meridian

You (17:00-19:00) – blood flows to the kidney meridian

Xu (19:00-21:00) – blood flows to the pericardium meridian

Hai (21:00-23:00) – blood flows to the triple burner meridian

Zi (23:00-1:00) – blood flows to the gallbladder meridian

Chou (1:00-3:00) – blood flows to the liver meridian


Based on the timeline of the above-mentioned timed meridians, your hourly wellness and health activities should, preferably, follow the exact next daily practices:

Mao (5:00-7:00) – Get up and defecate.

Chen (7:00-9:00) – Eat breakfast.

Si (9:00-11:00) – Recuperate the spleen meridian.

Wu (11:00-13:00) – Eat lunch and take a short break.

Wei (13:00-15:00) – Ingest beneficial substances.

Shen (15:00-17:00) – Work and study.

You (17:00-19:00) – Eat dinner.

Xu (19:00-21:00) – Maintain a happy mood.

Hai (21:00-23:00) – Prepare for bed.

Zi (23:00-1:00) – Go to sleep.

Chou (1:00-3:00) – Sleep soundly.

Yin (3:00-5:00) – Go into deep sleep.

In a nutshell, the energy flows in two-hour blocks through our 12 main meridians or energetic paths. It spends two hours in each of our organs and there are certain things that we can do to catch the cosmic momentum at specific times, thereby increasing our health and happiness. You do not exploit or unbalance your own yin and yang resources by moving in tune with the cosmic flow rather than against it.

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