The origins of the jade beauty roller lie in Chinese history.These beautiful tools were once used by the elite to keep skin beautiful and women ageless. Known as the “Stone of Heaven”, jade was and still is a sought after cool green stone as beautiful as it is useful.

In ancient times, the naturally cool properties of jade were used by Mayans and Egyptians to aid with muscle relief in massage. The rollers are said to have been invented during the Qing Dynasty. Many claim that Empress Dowager Cixi – who was known for her love of jade – used them herself. Though there’s no proof that it was hers, you can see an elegant jade roller set with gold accents in the Palace Museum’s collection.

Chinese art of Gua Sha, a cost effective, natural practice used to lift, brighten and rejuvenate the skin with no side effects and without the use of chemicals. She wanted to be beautiful. She wanted to be a person that everybody admired. She realized that when you look better, you think better and when you think better, you attract better.

Yushi gunlun, as they’re known in Chinese, are small handheld wands made of jade used to massage one’s face and undereye. They are purported to assist with lymphatic drainage and depuffing of the skin.

Jade has held a special place in Chinese culture for centuries. That’s when Vogue published an article whose headline reads: “Meet the Jade Roller: The Chinese Skin-Care Tool That Tightens, Depuffs and More.”

Jade has been used in Traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. This OG stone stays cool, so it calms irritation and inflammation. It’s also great for smoothing fine lines and tightening skin, according to Karina Sulzer, founder of Skin Gym. Plus, jade reportedly supports lymphatic drainage to flush toxins and bacteria that causes unsightly blemishes.

Despite using different crystals, jade, rose quartz, and amethyst rollers all seem like they do the same thing—and one expert says that’s generally pretty true. “In all honesty, the physical impact is very similar. It’s a hard, smooth surface that enables the user to roll and massage over the surface of the skin with a density that won’t crack too easily under heat,” says Abigail James, international facialist and skin-care expert. Because of their similarities in structure, you’ll notice beloved benefits from all of them, like de-puffing, increased blood circulation, improved skin elasticity, and lymphatic drainage.

Since then, Google searches for the term “jade roller” have nearly tripled, led by searches originating from wealthier areas of the States like California, New York and Washington, D.C., according to Google Trends.

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