The jade roller is a beauty tool made of authentic and beautiful jade stone which is rolled across the skin for complexion-perfecting purposes.

Just like working out, jade rolling can offer esthetic and health benefits. Jade rolling feels like a tension-relieving, relaxing facial massage which helps to drain lymphatic fluid that is held stagnant beneath the tissue. This fluid acts as a “bath water” of sorts for the cells, refreshing and replenishing nutrients.

But if the lymph system is not in motion, this fluid can hold onto toxins and tension held in our face by jaw clenching and everyday facial expressions from stress ors, causing blockages. Jade rolling gets things moving again, opening these blockages and aligning the system to boost circulation, cell turnover and promote healing, holistically. By allowing the facial tissue to deeply relax, we can move this fluid out and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

By flushing the toxins out of the body via the lymphatic drainage and releasing the blockages in the tissues, it also allows the flow of lymph and energy (chi) in the meridian system, achieving harmony and balance. Many clients describe their jade rolling experience as “uplifting” for their cheekbones and jawline and “brightening” for their complexion.

Think of jade rolling like a workout for your face and neck. It boosts circulation, tones the muscles, stimulates collagen production, flushes out toxins and can even help your serums get absorbed faster and work better.

There are so many signs of aging that can be relieved by revitalizing the flow of lymph and stimulating the skin with jade rolling. By draining excess fluid, jade rollers can visibly uplift the cheekbones, tone the face and reduce puffiness and inflammation, one of the root causes of aging. It can also smooth fine lines, tighten sagging skin, increase cell turnover rate and diminish dark under-eye circles.

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